Break up your scary admin menu into focused menus for the job at hand

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Make your WordPress admin a less overwhelming place

  • Do you hate working on your WordPress site because it seems so overwhelming?
  • Have you installed all the plugins you need to make your site perfect, but now have admin menus overflowing with entries?
  • Ever wish you could separate your site’s pages into different types of content?
  • Do you end up lost and confused every time you try to update your WordPress site?

There, there, let Underwhelm kiss it all better for you

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Underwhelm does 3 things

A menu for every hat

When you’re in your site, you may be carrying out very different jobs from day to day. Underwhelm lets you select admin menus based on what hat you’re wearing.

Keep your content organised

Create your own Custom Post Types so you can separate all the different types of content you have on your site.

Find media file types quickly

Underwhelm adds some new file type filters to the Media screen and inserts new quick links to the Media menu to speed up your search for types of files.

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