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You’ve created the WordPress site you dreamed of. It’s got all the features you wanted thanks to your savvy selection of plugins.

There’s the plugin that adds an ecommerce store and another serving downloads for your lead magnets.

You’ve added plugins for pop ups and sign up forms to power your email list.

Of course social media is super important and you’ve got plugins to handle shares, follows and posting to your various accounts.

Being accessible is vital, so you’ve got plugins for contact forms and for live chat right on your site.

Any site has to be fast and so you’ve added plugins to shrink your images, minify your scripts and cache your pages.

Obviously after all that work, you’re not going to risk losing it all, so you’ve added plugins to back up your site and keep it safe from hackers.

Everything is perfect, but now your WordPress admin screens have become an overwhelming mess of menu items.

You need Underwhelm

Underwhelm is a simple plugin designed to make your WordPress admin a nicer place to work.

Once installed, you can easily set up as many admin menus as you need. Each one displaying just the items you need when you’re doing a specific task.

If you’re wearing your shop manager’s hat, one click displays a menu containing just those items related to your products and orders.

When you’re wearing your writer’s hat, a click switches the menu to display your posts, pages and any other custom post types you choose.

Put on your marketer’s hat and another click switches the menu to display just your marketing related items.

No matter how many hats you find yourself wearing when working on your site, you can create a specific menu for each.

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